Dear students,

We, at Central College provide communicative and dynamic educational environment to you which meet today’s global demand. Our globally competent educational services will prepare you as future entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders.

Nepal is in between two giant nations of the world; India and China, whose economy is growing at the fastest rate. There is no doubt that in near future these two emerging economic countries will be leading the global market of both goods and services. Thus, the twenty first century can be presumed to be Asian century in which Nepal could assure its share through innovative and dedicated human resource with managerial skills. Here, at Central College, we ensure those managerial skills for our students.

Although, Nepal is often referred as economically poor country, in the days to come, together we can grow educationally as well as professionally sound people who can bring dramatic improvement in Nepalese economy. Join us in this noble cause of nation building.


Gopal Krishna Shrestha