Bachelor of Business Administration is a four year program with 120 credit hours designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business fundamentals and their application in real-world work environments. A BBA degree combines foundational general education courses with a strong focus on the specific business specialization of the student’s choice. These specializations include Human Recource Management, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Finance, Accountancy & Marketing.


The degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of an organization and their interconnection, while also allowing for specialization in a particular area. B.B.A. programs expose students to a variety of "core subjects" and allow students to specialize in a specific academic area. The degree also develops the students’ practical, managerial and communication skills, critical thinking and business decision-making capability. Our BBA program incorporates training and practical experience in the form of case projects, presentations, internships, industrial visits, role-play, group discussions and interaction with experts from industry and academia.


Why BBA at Central College?

• Well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty.
• Employable skills and training (Non-Credit Courses).
• Quality teaching within affordable price.
• Learning through interaction.
• Individual attention and personal care.
• Attractive scholarships for deserving students.
• Job placement assistance and career counseling.