After passing +2, I was in dilemma to choose college and I found Central College of Business Management, a place where I found experienced faculty members and a peaceful environment to study and excel my career. Moreover I have improved my communication skill and my personality as well to achieve my career. Now I think that it was my right decision to choose CCBM as a part of my education curriculum that has provided me ocean of opportunities to develop me in every aspect that will help in my future.

I have got good memories after engaging in CCBM for the BBA program. At the end of one year so many things changed in my life personally as well as professionally. In my view CCBM is the best college comparing with others. At last I feel proud being a student of CCBM & I would like to welcome the students to experience the education system of CCBM. Hope you will feel the same as I am feeling now being a part of CCBM.
- Sadan Adhikari

CCBM provides the required type of environment with an effective nourishment of "Complete Education" that enhances one's attempts and proves them worthy. CCBM motivates students to participate in sports and other competitions including presentation competitions, book reviews, and more. Similarly, it also provides us opportunity to interact with professionals from the corporate world.
- Neha Bharati

In today's competitive Job market one must be qualified not only in education but also in personality and Central College is one of the very few colleges in Kathmandu that really strives for the excellence of its students' overall development. I personally admire the management's zeal to develop its students' personality, develop their networking skills and give them exposure to the real world by conducting various extracurricular activities. I would recommend this college to anyone who is looking for a platform to develop them holistically.
- Samyukta Rupakheti

At Central College the BBA program is way different and productive. With healthy learning environment, the college provides complete case analysis based education to the students. The college has also ensured regular tours, excursions and educational program for the exposure of the students. The market today needs product with strong foundation of management with understanding of the market scenario. Central College sharpens its students with the mentioned traits. I have worked with this team for some time now. I wish them all the best, and also hope you choose Central college as your next best step into the future.
- Mukunda Upreti

Consisting beautiful and a peaceful environment, Central College always provides a studious and learning environment. The most impressive quality of the college is the best student-centered approach, the regular creative activities held by four clubs of college and the MSD class that develop the managerial skills to student. Being one of the faculties, I believe that with the most supportive engagement team and most inventive faculties, Central College of Business Management is the best and most excellent BBA College in the valley to enroll with. Thus, I recommend each of you to at least visit the college, and recognize yourself what it actually does and provides to student.
- Hari Baniya

I am really proud of being a student of CCBM, which is one of the leading academic institute of Nepal. It provides host opportunities for the student not only for interdisciplinary learning but also for practical exposure. The college has proved itself a center for all students one who don't want to compromise on their study. So, for the students who are in dilemma for choosing college for under graduation must choose CCBM as I did.
- Suman Raj Ojha

Nowadays a college education doesn't limit to studying and learning, rather it is communicated as being professional and dynamic human resource with ascertained career. For this, a college should facilitate wide range of influencing activities and let student come up with their field of interest, Central College is, in my experience, providing extensive learning podium which ultimately results empowered graduate in the field of Business Administration. The learning environment is charming and thee program faculty completes the charismatic momentum of teachers and students, The way of creating relationship among students, program movement, teaching methodologies and students fond of learning are the key strength. I personally admire about Central College.
- Mohan G.C., MIS Officer, Proverty Allievation Fund

Every student has certain expectations with college and so did I. Here in Central College I got more than what I had expected. Along with my degree I got the chance to explore beyond and for that I would like to show my gratitude to the college management and teachers for being mentors in my academic path. The college has proved itself as a center for students who don’t want to compromise on their studies. Janata Bank Nepal Limited Batch - 2013, PU Scholarship Holder
- Suman Raj Ohja

The skills I acquired at CCBM were extremely beneficial, not only for achieving my desired Certificate resultsbut also when put into practice. It’s not that they show you some secret easier way to achieve high points, but they teach you how to manage your time properly and the areas that need to be prioritized. The dedication, support and motivation of each of the staffs are remarkable and enables students like myself to achieve their dreams. 8th Semester 4.00 SGPA - 4th Sem, Topper (PU)
- Rajju Shrestha

CCBM has proved to me as an ideal institution to foster my interest and chase my goal. A very rare combination of a serene environment, experienced faculty members, superb infrastructure and caring classmates has truly made my years of CCBM a memorable one. The collective effort of the college community and inspiration of all the faculty members have not only accelerated my performance but also helped me a lot to make myself an enriched person. I am really thankful to CCBM. Batch - 2013 Nepal Police
- Sagun Devkota

Studying BBA at central college has been an incredibly rewarding experience, not only in terms of academic horizons but also it has helped me to groom my career and personality; with such a loving and caring faculty it has been a fantastic experience of learning. I am really proud of being a student of CCBM. Prime Commercial Bank Limited Batch - 2013
- Gopal Khanal

I had the best years of my life at central college. Classroom instructions were powerful and instructive and the extra-curricular activities helped us grow. Everyone from teaching faculty to management to the staffs is so encouraging and supportive that it brings out the best in you. Batch - 2014 4.00 SGPA & Dean’s List
- Ajay Khadka

I would describe Central College of Business Management as exciting and dynamic. My journey that started at CCBM three and half years ago was indeed one of the best decisions I have made in my life. CCBM provides quality education with a lot of exposure in practical abilities and skills. The teaching faculties in this college are well experienced. CCBM has adopted friendly environment of teaching and learning. The all-time support and motivation of faculty members has been enlightening to me in this beautiful journey of studying BBA. 8th Semester 4.00 SGPA - 3rd & 6th Sem, Topper (PU)
- Jitendra Kumar Gupta

Central college provided me with everything that I needed to excel. Dedicated and supporting teaching faculty, enthusiastic management and the peaceful environment of the surrounding helped me focus and try to be the best. I feel proud to be a part of Central College. 8th Semester 4.00 SGPA - 4th & 6th Sem, Topper (PU)
- Kabita Khadka