The students and CCBM family help you accrue benefits that are larger than life in a campus. The myriads of advantages of studying in the business school and being a part of this family can really touch your lives in many different ways.


Studious environment:


The campus is located in the heart of city at Sinamangal. Spread in more than 7 ropanis of land, the campus provides a clam and serene life around. The buildings are designed in such a way that you experience every turns of the sunlight creating a healthy space. Library, lab works and researches are carried out in a different building that helps one focus and learn in a peaceful environment.


Diversity and cultural harmony:


Students arrive to our campus from different geographical regions of the country. We encourage “Unity in diversity” and cross cultural learning. Students come from different social, ethnical and academic backgrounds fostering cultural harmony within the campus community.


Student Support:


The college management, administration and faculties are always prepared to help you in your endeavors. The business school therefore has a student support cell that looks after your grievances, problems; they might be personal and professional. We have student support officer, technical experts who are always there to support you with services and resources available to us.


Life beyond the classroom:


Life at CCBM is engaging. We therefore call for an energetic community of students who learn by doing. Our students participate in various clubs and societies, groups, events within and beyond the campus.


Extraordinary surroundings:


?We are located in the walking distance from Pushupatinath Temple, a UNESCO world heritage site. We are less than a kilometers away from the Tribhuwan international airport. There’s no better place to study business that in the area surrounding our business school.